One Fatal Night by Hélene Fermont


Book blurb: One woman’s quest for revenge unearths a fatal secret from her past.

Astrid Jensen holds one man responsible for her mother’s suicide, and she’ll do whatever’s necessary to get close to Daniel Holst and destroy his life – even if it means sleeping with him to gain his trust. Astrid knows he’s not who he pretends to be. But before she can reveal his dark secret, people from her mother’s past start turning up dead, and it looks like she and Daniel are next. In order to survive, she might have to put her trust in the man she has hated for so long.

Daniel Holst has worked hard to climb into Norway’s most elite and glamorous circles, and he’s not about to let any woman bring him down. But when a psychopathic killer starts murdering people from his shadowy past, he discovers that the only person who might be able to save him is the woman who wants to destroy him.

As Astrid digs deeper into her past, she uncovers secrets long buried and realises everything she once believed is based on lies. What began as a quest to avenge her mother’s death becomes a desperate struggle for survival and leads to the truth about what happened one fatal night ten years ago—and the surprising mastermind behind the most recent murders.

Sound intriguing? Read on if you would like a sneaky peek at an excerpt taken from Chapter 2:

Grabbing his jacket and mobile from the small table next to the bed, he disappeared out the front door. As she sat alone in the tiny bedsit, Astrid’s eyes welled up with tears. Wringing her hands, she ran into the bathroom and showered for nearly half an hour, her body shaking from the memory of what they had done. Scrubbing away his mouth and skin from hers, she couldn’t stop crying and detesting herself for her part in it. But it was necessary to prove how much I care. She dried herself with a big light blue towel and cleaned up after him, throwing her ripped, flimsy clothes into a bin outside the flat. It wasn’t until she’d eaten a piece of toast and drunk half a mug of strong black coffee that she wondered, Did you feel the same as me, Mor? Did you hate yourself as much as I do now? Daniel Holst has no idea who I am. I’ll stick with the plan a while longer until he gets what he deserves. All I have to do is wait for his call and the next instalment of what I’ve got in store for him. She smiled and started to clear the table.


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The Perfect Couple by Lisa Hall

5 Stars from me


Will that do as a book review?

Oh, ok. Suffice it to say I loved The Perfect Couple, much as I have also loved Lisa Hall‘s previous novels.

I have had the best, most lazy day today as I started The Perfect Couple shortly after waking up and (with the exception of a shower and making lunch) I have read all day, having finished the book just now.

As I fully expect from this master of the twisty turn snake of a story, The Perfect Couple is a fabulous read! I was hooked from the very first chapter and simply had to read to the end to find out what had happened.

So many potential versions of the truth, so many possible scenarios, so many available outcomes – do you know what, they would all have been brilliant… However, for me, the ending was as good as the book itself.

Please don’t be mistaken into thinking this is just a hot flash of ‘a twist’ for it is not, this book is beautifully constructed, the imagery created when reading is superb – pictures, scenes, places, people will fill your mind as you reads. Smells, sounds and emotions are all brought to life within these pages – The Perfect Couple is not just a pretty face.


Blurb: When Emily applies for a job as a housekeeper for widower Rupert, it’s a chance to start over – a steady job and regular money means she can work towards her own place, not sharing a grimy flat with old mate, Mags.

As Emily gets to know more about Rupert’s world – how he likes his supper when he comes in from work, who his friends are – she can make sure everything runs like clockwork for him.

Soon there’s a spark between them; Rupert likes Emily and invites her to stay. For good.

To the outside world, they really seem to be a perfect match. There’s just the small issue of what really happened to Rupert’s first wife…

Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce

4.5 Stars from me

Where to start with this addictive and multi layered domestic thriller?

Blood Orange is an accomplished and compelling read with lively characters and scenes written so well that you can practically smell the cigarette smoke hanging in the air.

I read it as part of a book group and found it quite interesting that none of us liked Alison’s ‘doting husband’ at any point throughout the book.

Blood Orange makes the world of barristers sound shocking and intoxicating in equal measure, it was so easy to see why Alison felt the need to commit so much to her role.

However, I varied in my sympathies towards Alison – part of me completely understood her situation – part of me felt she was just selfish. One of the book group ladies summed it up quite nicely ‘lawyers/coppers always bonk each other, don’t they, it’s just part of the job‘!

The sub-story of the client who was literally caught red handed was excellent and practically and stand along tale in its own right, it was just as interesting as the main plot.

I definitely look forward to more by Harriet Tyce.

Blurb: Alison has it all. A doting husband, adorable daughter, and a career on the rise – she’s just been given her first murder case to defend. But all is never as it seems…

Just one more night. Then I’ll end it.

Alison drinks too much. She’s neglecting her family. And she’s having an affair with a colleague whose taste for pushing boundaries may be more than she can handle.

I did it. I killed him. I should be locked up.

Alison’s client doesn’t deny that she stabbed her husband – she wants to plead guilty. And yet something about her story is deeply amiss. Saving this woman may be the first step to Alison saving herself.

I’m watching you. I know what you’re doing.

But someone knows Alison’s secrets. Someone who wants to make her pay for what she’s done, and who won’t stop until she’s lost everything….

A disturbing, toxic and compelling novel that explores the power of fear and desire, jealousy and betrayal, love and hate, BLOOD ORANGE introduces a stunning new voice in psychological suspense.

I am A Gigolo by Andrew Segal

4 Stars from me

Witty, clever, saucy, seductive and naughty in equal measure – what’s not to like?

Leading with a story about a self-confessed and, some might say, self-obsessed, Gigolo, this collection of ten short stories is highly entertaining and diverse.

The Gigolo story is blush-worthy and provocative, told with sprinkling of arrogance and peppered with humour throughout.

I anticipated the following short stories to be just as saucy and was pleasantly surprised by their diverse content.

All of the stories had a fabulously wicked side to them and I wonder if this is the author’s naughty side shining through.

I think the old couple was probably my second favourite of the tales (with the Gigolo in first place, of course) it was deliciously dark and hugely entertaining.

Overall a fun collection of short stories with something for everyone.

Blurb: I am a Gigolo.

He’s gorgeous, cool and slick. Small wonder those wealthy American dames are falling over themselves to taste his flirtatious skills, just where it counts. Seduction is the name of his game, and he knows how to keep a secret. Trouble is, our Gigolo is also a mischief maker, a man with a mission – to make a killing. So he’s got a secret of his own. But, can he keep it that way?

Deliciously sensual, with a touch macabre, the opening tale, I am a gigolo contains ten startlingly original and provocative short stories, that you’ll need to be brave to read at bedtime.

Tagline: Flirtatiously macabre scoundrels

Teaser lines: Deliciously sensual, with a touch macabre, ten provocative short stories

Break The Silence by D K Hood

4 Stars from me

This is a fast paced, classic thriller which will keep you turning the pages late into the night on your quest to see the bad guy(s) caught.

I thought the descriptive intro and scene setting were excellent and hugely atmospheric. Chrissie was wonderfully described.

The relationship between the two main detectives was added a nice frisson rather then overshadowing the whole story, which I liked.

This is a really SOLID 4 stars – I have to be honest and say I dropped a star for a couple of reasons. One because it was super obvious to me who the killer was and two because I felt things got slightly (and I do mean slightly) muddled towards the end.

But that does not detract from the fact that this is a good solid thriller and I will definitely look out for more books by this author.

Blurb: Her head throbbed as she stumbles up the stairs. Music vibrating and the sound of partygoers fill her head as she walks into one of the dark, empty rooms. As she sits on the bed, she hears the unmistakable sound of the door locking behind her. She is not alone.

The body of college student Chrissie Lowe lies curled into a ball – long red cuts along her arms suggesting how she had met her death. Detective Jenna Alton is called in to investigate.

Purplish bruising on Chrissie’s upper arms make Jenna believe there is more to Chrissie’s death than others suspected, and she soon finds herself following the trail of the student’s last few moments, leading her to the scene of a party that had ended just hours before Chrissie’s body was found.

When Jenna hears reports that Chrissie was seen going into the bedroom of a college football star, she knows that finding out what went on behind that closed door could be the key to finding out how Chrissie ended up dead. But then another partygoer dies in an apparent accident at the campus gym just hours later, and Jenna is convinced the deaths are connected.

Facing a wall of silence from the student population, Jenna has to act fast to find the killer, but soon another student is found dead on the campus. As Jenna sends in one of her deputies undercover, she prays that she hasn’t just sealed his fate. Can she find the killer before any more lives are taken? 

Shamus Dust by Janet Roger

4 Stars from me

This book encapsulated the classic noir of the the 1940s murder mystery films!

Starting with a local pimp found shot dead in a church on a starkly cold Christmas Day in post-war London (1947).

Once the deceased Raymond Jarrett’s flat has been searched, a gruesome discovering is made, he has pictures of young boys in compromising positions.

Shamus is hired to as a PI to investigate the case by Councillor Drake who owned the flat Raymond lived in. He uncovers a homosexual ring, blackmail, greed, corruption and bent coppers all with the assistance of an alluring and mysterious young female doctor.

The more Shamus investigates the more he finds in this fantastic dark noir tale.

Blurb: Two candles flaring at a Christmas crib. A nurse who steps inside a church to light them. A gunshot emptied in a man’s head in the creaking stillness before dawn, that the nurse says she didn’t hear. It’s 1947 in the snowbound, war-scarred City of London, where Pandora’s Box just got opened in the ruins, City Police has a vice killing on its hands, and a spooked councilor hires a shamus to help spare his blushes. Like the Buddha says, everything is connected. So it all can be explained. But that’s a little cryptic when you happen to be the shamus, and you’re standing over a corpse.

I Made A Mistake by Jane Corry

4 Stars from me

This is an utterly charming domestic thriller, which follows the lives of one family albeit from the view of two different woman at two different times.

Both threads were equally engaging and I liked the feeling almost of a trainer being laced up as the two stories began to converge.

Poppy Page is our main lead – she feels that she is unnoticed by her husband in a semi loveless marriage. Nothing overtly wrong, just no passion. They live with his mother and their two daughters – the picture of domestic harmony. He is a successful dentist. She is a successful acting agent. Why would you rock the boat?

Bumping into an old flame – her first love – reignites old feelings and Poppy suddenly resents her steady and reliable husband and hankers after passion.

We’ve all read enough books to know how that will pan out, right?

Betty, Stuart’s mum, is the second narrator and her voice describes the early days of her life and marriage in a different era and describes another whole loveless marriage and brief dalliance with tragic circumstances.

As so many other reviews have said, this book is classic Corry, it is a slow and winding burn that suddenly gathers paces and races towards whallop of a finish.

Blurb: In Poppy Page’s mind, there are two types of women in this world: those who are faithful to their husbands, and those who are not. Until now, Poppy has never questioned which she was.

But when handsome, charming Matthew Gordon walks back into her life after almost two decades, that changes. Poppy makes a single mistake – and that mistake will be far more dangerous than she could imagine.

Someone is going to pay for it with their life…

Paper Soldiers by Mark Pettinger

4 Stars from me

Opening with the dramatic discovery of a dead body, Paper Soldiers offers an exciting trip into the dark and murky underworld of Greater Manchester as DCI Priest tries to establish the murderer of known Yardie gang leader.

This is a scary and unpredictable world and one which Pettinger seems to effortlessly bring to life on the page.

Once the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) get involved it soon becomes apparent that that there is a lot more at stack than getting a collar.

The storyline is good and not the usual run of the mill – race to find the killer – in Paper Soldiers there is more of a battle to stay alive amid the gangland antics.

Great tension and brutally descriptive!

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Book Blurb: The streets of Greater Manchester are awash with drugs and weapons, and the gangs that control this multi-million pound business will stop at nothing to protect and grow their business. The Dolsen family are one such gang.

When the head of a rival Yardie gang is found brutally murdered, revenge attacks were always likely to follow, and gang members were unlikely to be the only ones hurt.

DCI Priest teams up with the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA); but they soon admit to conflicting objectives which may unravel their alliance, and prove to it be more of a hindrance than a help.

Was DCI Priest was about to undertake his most challenging investigation to date?

Trembleath by Ruth Shedwick

4 Stars from me

This book spoke to me in so many ways – ah the joyous freedom of just pitching up somewhere new, living in a quaint cottage and working in the coolest bookstore in town!

Trembleath offers a wonderful mix of the perfection of the mundane, simple and humdrum, beautifully melded with the utterly unimaginable. It explores folklore, myths and legends and explores the unknown but in a very subtle way – there is the always the underlying ‘suggestion’ that things are not quite what they seem…

I have SO MANY QUESTIONS after reading Trembleath that I can only imagine this is to be the first in a series.

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Blurb: Amelia Scott is re-building her life in Southern England following a disastrous relationship. It was going to be an adventure, but when she hears news of a young girl found dead and another goes missing, she quickly begins to learn there is more to Creek Bay than she could ever imagine.

A village hiding a dark secret, two families at war, Amelia Scott gets caught up in a murder investigation with dire consequences.

Women Meditation and Power by Liz Lewinson

WomanMeditation copy

Welcome to the blog tour for Women Meditation and Power by Liz Lewinson!

Read on for book details, an excerpt, and a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

38247527Women, Meditation, and Power

Women are the power species on the planet. Why? Because life force or kundalini flows through women more strongly than in men. The primary aspect of the female person is power. The primary aspect of the male person is love and humility. Somewhere back in time, the roles got switched.

Men in charge have unwittingly created a heavy, inflexible power structure that lurches towards destruction. Now is the time for the woman in all of us to up-end the confusion, unravel the deep-rooted lines of misunderstanding, and make it right.

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Excerpt from the book…

Women are the power species on planet Earth. We are the leaders, the strategists, the negotiators, the collaborators, the seers, the matriarchs. We are naturally excellent at experiencing inner stillness—the ultimate nexus and balancing center of life power.

Lewinson WMP Quote Twitter 1Women today are rising from thousands of years of repression. Women are shattering glass ceilings and previous perceptions of what women can and should accomplish. The women shattering glass ceilings are those who find a way to express their power and energy, fighting to achieve this all the way. They bring a peerless power and energy to their tasks.

The adolescent girls of today are the leaders of tomorrow. But if their education is neglected, if they are given inappropriate knowledge about their own abilities and potential, then the results are disastrous for the planet. Girls in so-called liberated nations often face a crisis in their teen years. It’s when being sexually and physically attractive to boys or other girls often trumps becoming educated and powerful.

Westernized teens, with all that built-in energy and power that come with a strong, young nervous system, often weaken it with destructive and unfulfilling sex, bullying, violence, drugs, and overfocus on what others are doing instead of building confidence in self. The result is a long confusion period, especially for women, in which it takes years to regain the state of energy and assuredness that was lost in the teen years. Some women never regain it and instead make poor choices that burden them for the rest of their lives.

Regaining or understanding for the first time their full, unlimited power is, for most women, a journey of identifying and overcoming past restraints.

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About the Author


LIZ LEWINSON is an award-winning author in biography and Buddhism. Her travels and career in technology and communications have allowed her to observe the inversion of the roles of women and men around the world. She speaks on the topics of women, meditation, and power to students, corporations, and community organizations.

Liz Lewinson

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