Halfhead by Stuart B. MacBride

Halfhead5 stars from me

Brilliant book! Brilliant concept and if you are a fan of his other books then this is a ‘must read’! In fact, as this book is not part of a series, but is a ‘stand alone’ book you can feel free to read and enjoy whether you’ve read any of Mr MacBride’s other books or not. And if you really haven’t read any of his other books then you need to find yourself a copy of the sensational Cold Granite and get acquainted with Ds Logan McRae.

Halfhead offers a scary view into the future of our world.

I really enjoyed the escapism created by the story being set in the future, yet not so far into the future that it was unimaginable. It’s the very concept that this monstrous way of living isn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination that makes it so great. It is easy – and scary – to believe that the world could head that way.

As always, in my opinion, with Stuart MacBride’s books, the characterisation is superb; the Dr Fiona Westfield character is just fantastic. Despite her being a sick, perverse serial killer you end up feeling such empathy for her wanting her life back.

Very engaging, fast paced and an all round great read.


Synopsis: Terrifying serial killer thriller set in the gritty Glasgow of the near future, from the bestselling author of the Logan McRae series. There are worse things than the death penalty… They call them halfheads: convicted criminals, surgically mutilated and lobotomized by the State, then sent out to do menial jobs in the community so everyone will know what happens when you break the law. There are no appeals, no reprieves, and no one ever comes back. Until now. Dr Fiona Westfield, one of the most prolific serial killers Glasgow has ever seen, is waking up. Surrounded by blood and death and darkness. William Hunter has risen through the ranks since putting Westfield away; now he’s Assistant Network Director, in charge of police actions. But a routine murder investigation is about to embroil him in an appalling conspiracy. The vast connurb blocks on Glasgow’s deprived south side are ready to explode. Eleven years ago the VR riots killed millions – now someone wants to start them all over again. And Will is being dragged back into a past he desperately wants to forget…



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