Silent Mercy by Linda Fairstein

Silent Mercy

Silent Mercy by Linda Fairstein

If you’ve read my other reviews you’ll know that I don’t usually reveal anything about the story, I prefer to tell you my opinion of it and leave you to enjoy the story for yourself if you choose to read it. However, as I’m deeply unimpressed with something about this book I’m not sticking to my usual principles!

I loved the synopsis on the back of this book, it hooked me by saying the was based in New York (I love it there) and starts by saying “In the middle of the night, the burnt headless body of a young woman is found on the steps of a Baptist church in Harlem…” my kind of book!

I enjoy the two lead characters, Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper and NYPD Cop Mike Chapman, and how they work together. The story itself isn’t a bad one.

However, that’s where the good stuff ends!

For me, there were so many faults with this book that I’m surprised it got to print, such as:

The relationship between Cooper and her boyfriend Luc is weak and irrelevant.

The story is incredibly slow and hard to get into, it starts very slowly and in a lot of places, although the complexities of the Cooper/Chapman relationship remain, everything else seems an afterthought.

But what really, really lets the book down is the fact that the ‘villain’ is only a villain because he has been diagnosed with Leprosy. What an enlightened and helpful view that is! I’d love to know what @Lepra_HinAthink about this? In fact, @Lepra_HinA if you want to see the book let me know and I’ll post you my copy, don’t go out and purchase another one.


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