The Accident by Linwood Barclay

The AccidentSynopsis: Glen Garber’s life has just spiralled out of control. His wife’s car is found at the scene of a drunk-driving accident that took three lives. Not only is she dead, but it appears she was the cause of the accident.

Suddenly Glen has to deal with a potent mixture of emotions: grief at the loss of his wife, along with anger at her reckless behaviour that leaves their young daughter motherless. If only he could convince himself that Sheila wasn’t responsible for the tragedy.

But as more and more secrets begin to surface, Glen may have to face something much, much worse…

4 Stars from me.

I have to say I’m quite in love with Linwood Barclay’s novels at the moment. Each one has a fast and fluid pace which keeps you reading ‘just one more chapter’ until yet again you are late for work, or yet again that early night has turned into a 1am readathon.

The Accident was every bit as good as I’d expected and I raced through it in no time. My only reason for not giving the full 5 stars is because I felt that the beginning of the book was a little disparate; it spent too much building back story and planting red herrings and not enough time being a great story.

That sounds more negative than it was, it’s a minor thing really and possibly I’m being too picky 😉

The plot and storyline are good and keeping you guessing all the way through, literally up until the last few pages. I struggled a little to connect emotionally with the characters however which gave the book less impact in the long run.

Overall, if you like Linwood Barclay then you’ll like this but it’s not in the same league as Never Saw It Coming.




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