Can’t Let Go by Jane Hill

Can't Let Go5 Stars from me!

I absolutely loved Can’t Let Go.

I’ve seen quite a few negative reviews for it and would have to say I think it’s a book best enjoyed by reading quickly over as few sittings as possible as that way you get fully engaged with the story.

I found Beth’s character utterly compelling and believable and I really enjoyed the quirks and traits of her personality. Her relationships within the book were great, maybe the situation with Danny was a little far fetched but I loved the budding friendship with Zoe.

I thought the sense of paranoia and the ever tightening fear were brilliantly executed – for me, this was psychological suspense at it’s best!

I saw some of the twists and turns coming but not others and I loved the way the book kept me guessing right the way through as it revealed little snippets about Lizzie/Beth and also about the other characters, with each new bit of information making you trust or distrust them more.

Don’t believe the negative reviews, if you like a well written book that will mess with your head then give it a go!


I’m watching you. I know everywhere you go.

When Beth Stephens opens the first mysterious note, she is terrified. Someone out there, someone who seems to be stalking her every footstep, has prised open the terrible secret she’s been hiding for over a decade. And he is threatening to exact revenge.

All these years, Beth has carefully built her life on a lie, kept to herself, been wary of close relationships and protective of her privacy. And now, just when she finally thinks herself safe, her days filled with new friendships, a boyfriend and a steady job as a teacher, everything starts to unravel. Suddenly, she can trust no one, seeing danger everywhere, and she realises that she has to find the stalker before he closes in on her …


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