Hammerhead by Mark Black

Hammerhead3.5 stars from me

I read Hammerhead on kindle so I didn’t have any prior ‘feel’ for it, and to me it felt like quite a short book which I wasn’t really expecting. It was a quick read that focussed around one central character, Mark Foster, and his current target ‘prey’ Mark Allingham (calling them both Mark, odd).

I enjoyed Mark Foster’s character in the book, I’ve read that this is recommended to fans of Dexter and I can see why that connection has been made; although Hammerhead didn’t for me contain the humour of Dexter, it was certainly engaging.

Although I did enjoy reading it, for me it lacked a punch and various areas of it were just a little too far fetched (I know, I know, it’s a novel) but even though I frequently enjoy blatantly ficticious novels I guess some of them must feel more credible. Please don’t let that put you off, I would definitely read more by Thomas Black.

I loved the little shark snippets between each chapter.

Overall – a good, fast, enjoyable read.


Synopsis: Mark Foster is not just a passport controller. He is also a ruthless killer.

Everyone falls into two categories, he believes – murderers and victims. And he is no victim…

By the time hotshot City boy Mark Allingham strays across his deadly path, Foster has already caught his scent.

The self-styled ‘Shark’, Allingham is as arrogant and irredeemable as they come. Filthy rich with no sympathy for those underneath him, Mark ‘the Shark’ stops at nothing to line his pockets.

Watching from the wings, Foster’s bank account groans and his lust for blood sharpens.

Unable to control himself, this devilishly dark-minded passport controller delves into Allingham’s life, revealing untold secrets and dirty affairs.

Illegal deals. Corporate corruption. Illicit love affairs.

Stealing into Allingham’s apartment, Foster is about to learn what lies beneath the pompous yet clean façade.

Indeed, all is not well for this ambitious city-dealer.

But when he discovers that an officer from the Financial Services’ Authority is investigating the Shark as well, he must decide how to avoid getting caught.

Can he quench his bloodthirst without taking down Allingham?

Or has the game only just begun for the hunter and his ‘Hammerhead’ prey?


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