Wanted by Nick Stephenson

WantedOnly 3 stars from me

Ah I hate rating things this low but I have to be honest and I found this book to be quite dull in places.

The Leobald Blake character was interesting but his was the only one that really came alive on the page. Other than that I found the storyline to essentially be just chase and escape, chase and escape which just didn’t truly ever get going in my opinion.

It had the makings of a good book but I just found it lacklustre.


Synopsis: Nowhere to hide…

What should have been a relaxing vacation in Paris turns into another unwinnable situation for expert criminology consultant Leopold Blake. Caught in the cross hairs of a ruthless assassin and on the run from the police for a murder he didn’t commit, Blake and his team must fight to clear his name before it’s too late.

As enemies close in from all sides, Blake is about to learn who he can trust – and who is determined to destroy him – as The City of Light becomes a new hunting ground.

Wanted is the first novel in the Leopold Blake series of thrillers, which can be read and enjoyed in any order.



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