Toby #amwriting

I have been taking part in the #100WCGU over on @Jfb57‘s blog but it seems to be on hold at the moment so I am going to set myself some new challanges and publish them on here. Feedback (good or bad!) is welcome. Here is one of my recent entries into the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups.

Toby paused, the agony of loss felt physical; he’d known it was coming but it still hit him like a punch to the heart.

The knowing, the expecting, the anticipating didn’t make it easier; the pain was just as raw and overwhelming as if it had been out of the blue.

He’d loved her. There was no denying it, she was the woman of his dreams and as the flames leapt skyward he knew his heart was breaking.

‘It’s done.’ He spoke the words curtly and ended the call. Turning his back on the burning car he walked away feeling his heart harden with every step.


This week’s prompt for the #100WCGU was:

…as the flames leapt skyward…



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