Unspeakable by Tony Marturano

Unspeakable4 Stars from me.

Having recently had the pleasure of being part of the ‘reader’s group‘ for upcoming Novel, Psychosis, I knew I had to set about reading the back catalogue of the ever so talented Mr Marturano.

One of the others at the group said to me ‘If you like being scared, you’ll love Unspeakable.’

How could I not read it after that?

I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve taken a slightly odd stance recently of not reading the fly cover or a synopsis before starting a book. I am not yet sure if this is a good idea but it’s what I’m going with for now!

I found Unspeakable to almost be a book of two parts. The beginning was introductory, scene building, drawing me into the lives and minds of the key characters. Characterisation, as I would fully expect, was excellent. Well defined people came to life on pages before me as I read. The descriptive powers of Tony Marturano are really quite excellent – buildings, rooms, people, sensations and feelings are all clear and distinct.

Just when you get comfortable with this world, the tension changes. Stupidly (or maybe not) for me, I read the majority of the second half of the book at night… I know a book or film as got into my mind when I find that I don’t want to switch off the bedroom light and walk 10 feet to bed in darkness!

This is a deliciously dark and malevolent read. If you like a book with twists and surprises, you will like this book. If you like a book to make you feel uneasy, jump when you hear a noise, question whether or not you locked the back door, you will like this book!

Did I like the ending?


Because I know, if Tony reads this, he will welcome feedback:

Length – just right!
Characters – vivid and real.
Favourite character – Rupert.
Least favourite character – Elisabeth/Adam.
Favourite place – Heron Heights.
Was I scared – yes.
Buzz words (sadly not in a useful order): Intrigued, interested, scared, safe, envious, uncomfortable, peril, deceit, protection, fear.

Synopsis: “There’s something standing over there, in the shadows, and it’s watching me.”

Kenning Hall was more than a country home, it was a sanctuary away from London, until that day. What happened that day was so horrifying, so devastating, that the place was left to ruin, until now. 

A decade later, thirty-two year old Rupert Harrison, the only surviving heir to the Harrison publishing dynasty, has ordered Kenning Hall restored to its former glory. 

It’s time to go back. 

Now, if you think you’ve heard this story before, think again, for this is just the beginning. 

Something is waiting at Kenning Hall. 
Something vengeful, malevolent, and it will follow them home.


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