Fatal Crossing by Lone Theils

4 stars from me

I found Fatal Crossing to be a slow burn, but once it got going, it really got going and I read the last third of the book in record time!

Nora Sands character was, for me, both intriguing and frustrating. I liked and disliked her in equal measure but overall she was engaging and I cared about her while I was reading; actually I think it was all the bits with the will they/won’t they relationship which annoyed me. Oh, and of course her flagrant disregard of her own safety!

The story itself is good, I didn’t foresee how it would end and how the story of the missing girls would be resolved.

A few too many coincidences and unexplained fortuitous events for my liking but it is possible that some of these issues were caused by the translation process.

It may sound as though I am being negative about Fatal Crossing, whereas I actually thought it was a great book and I can see it going on to have great success and possibly even being made into a film. Actually, I think the story would translate better on film. It would be easier to build the tension.

The story winds tighter and tighter as the book progresses, I enjoyed the unexpected ending and found myself wanting to know what happens next.

Synopsis: When a picture of two Danish girls who disappeared on a boat bound for England in 1985 surfaces in an old suitcase, journalist Nora Sand’s professional curiosity is immediately awakened.

Before she knows it, she is mixed up in the case of a serial killer serving a life sentence in a notorious prison. The quest to discover the truth about the missing girls may be more dangerous that she had ever imagined…

‘A fast-paced and skilfully plotted thriller’
Barry Forshaw

‘A candidate for the best crime novel of the year’


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