The Twisted Web by Rebecca Bradley

4 Stars from me

I have greatly enjoyed the DI Hannah Robbins series and was eager to read the latest instalment – The Twisted Web.

It was good to see Aaron back, I really like his character and the positive way in which Asperger syndrome is portrayed within these novels. Baxter on the other hand, the man is an arse and it is teastament to Rebecca Bradley that she can conjure up such strong opinion from readers with these two.

The storyline was fresh and clever, playing on society’s current social media obsession and highlighting how easily something can be blown out of all proportion and have a devestating effect on a person’s life. The hidden and passive nature of social media often makes it a very dangerous tool and this was the main thrust of The Twisted Web.

I felt sorry for the main character and a level of despair on his behalf. Although he took things somewhat to extremes, it is easy to see how he felt he had no other real options. Were his actions in vain though?

i have already downloaded Three Weeks Dead and am looking forward to it!


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