The Goodbye Man by Jeffery Deaver

4 Stars from me

In this, the second of the Colter Shaw series, the story starts with a BANG as Shaw is forced off the road and finds himself in mortal danger.

Literally as I flipped the page desperate to see what happened next I groaned as we were jolted back in time to the beginning of the story!

Our main character Colter Shaw is searching for two youths – purely for the $50,000 reward, of course!

Featuring and almost constant thrum of suspense, this book covers racism, murder, religion and – a bit of a personal fascination – a cult.

The Goodbye Man is a high octane ride, a proper thriller with bucket loads of peril and tension throughout. I would expect no less from Jeffery Deaver – creator of  the fabulous Lincoln Rhyme.

I would definitely recommend that you read the first in the series – The Never Game – first so as to fully acquaint yourself with Colter Shaw.

Blurb: A thrilling new Colter Shaw adventure by the master of suspense, Jeffery Deaver. Colter Shaw, the itinerant reward-seeker readers met in The Never Game, returns in a new adventure.

Colter takes on a new case when he learns of a reward – two, actually – being offered in Gig Harbor, a small spot in Washington State. Two white teenagers decided to deface a few black churches, and then to set one aflame. But as it turns out, it wasn’t empty. And when the preacher and the janitor emerged from the burning building, they were shot–and the suspects drove off.

So state police and the town are offering $50,000 for help in finding the two suspects. The family of one of the two suspects is offering $900 for help in proving his innocence.

Game for a challenge, hungry to see justice done, and intrigued by the forces in opposition in this specific case, Colter drives north and west…only to discover that no case comes without its unexpected complications, or without its considerable dangers.


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