Skint Estate by Cash Carraway

4 Stars from me

Being rejected by a parent – the very person whose sole job it is to protect you – leaves it’s mark.

I loved her description of walking around the estate hoping to be discovered as the next White Dee!

Cash tells her story with a unique voice – I loved the USE OF CAPITALS to emphasise a point and the (ALBEIT – UNNECESSARY – PULLING – OUT – OF – PRASES) which all added to the personal identity of the memoir.

This is a hard hitting read, you will need to be ready for the cold hard facts that are relentless in places, for the IN DEPTH descriptions of all parts of her and human anatomy – along with all kinds of secretions…

This could easily have been a pity me, feel sorry for me, woe is me tale, yet it is peppered with intelligence and humour throughout. None of which detracts from the stark awfulness of what she has been through.

This is not a light read or a fun read, but in a lot of ways it should be an essential read – maybe for the Tory government that she so blatantly despises!

Blurb: Cash Carraway is a single mum living in temporary accommodation. She’s been moved around the system since she left home at sixteen. She’s also been called a stain on society. And she’s caught in a poverty trap.

Skint Estate is the hard-hitting debut memoir about impoverishment, loneliness and violence – set against a grim landscape of sink estates, police cells, refuges and peepshows.


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