What Happened to Rachel by Conrad Jones

5 Stars from me

Oooof! I haven’t read anything by Conrad Jones before but I will be seeking out more of his books now!

What Happened to Rachel is about as ‘of the minute’ as a book can get but without feeling clumsy.

When school girl Rachel Evans goes missing her mum fears the worst and the description of her grief was – awful but – superb.

The police investigation into Rachel and her social media was fascinating – I hope that is all real technology, it sounds amazing. It’s a wonder anyone ever gets away with anything and makes me think no one should ever share a single photo online.

The drugs side of things was equally fascinating, brutal, scary and believable. The characters and situations were horribly well described. Loved Louise, loved Amie!

In fact there were so many strands to this book that it is hard to give a nod to them all. The Ricky story was great too. As was the farm house.

I absolutely loved this book, would not have known that it was 6th in a series, and am pretty sure that all crime thriller fans will love it too!

My thanks to @BOTBSPublicity and @ConradJones for letting me take part in this blog tour.

Blurb: Frightening, scarily real, brutal but addictive! A standalone novel by a gifted gritty crime thriller writer.

A gritty and atmospheric thriller with more twists and turns than a hangman’s knot. Rachel Evans, a selfie queen and social media superstar went to school and never came home. DI Alan Williams and his team launch a desperate investigation to find her. As the country is plunged into lockdown, the price of narcotics skyrockets, causing friction between rival dealers. As the bodycount rises, the investigation focuses on several teenagers, who are victims of Criminal Exploitation, used by organised crime families to sell drugs in rural areas. Was Rachel involved or was her disappearance linked to something much darker.  


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