In My Wake by Ruth Harrow

4 Stars from me

When the shock of her sister’s suicide brings Hannah back to the close knit village of her youth, it should be a simple case of attending the funeral and catching up with her father – but things soon take an unpleasant turn.

There was no body – much in when a little girl went missing many years before.

Hannah soon begins to wonder if there is anyone in the tiny claustrophobic village that she can trust at all…

I found this one to be quite uncomfortable reading, I don’t know how Hannah managed to stay in the village for so long – and oh the list of people I wished that she would punch in the face!

A nicely crafted plot within a horrid little village where everyone knows every single thing you do… ugh!

My thanks to @BOTBSPublicity and @ruth_harrow for letting me take part in this blog tour.






Blurb: Some secrets are best kept buried… but someone won’t let her forget…

Decades ago, the disturbing disappearance of an eleven-year-old girl shook the tiny village Hannah grew up in. Now Hannah receives the shock of her life when she is told her sister, April, has committed suicide. Distraught, she returns to her childhood home for the funeral.

But someone who refuses to forget the past has sickening shocks in store for the grieving family and soon latch onto Hannah instead, leaving her looking over her shoulder at every turn.

Now the nightmares aren’t only inside Hannah’s head …

The close-knit community is rattled as devastating secrets and unspeakable truths are shaken up and it seems everyone has a secret to hide …

Hannah feels her grip on reality slipping as she starts to suspect even those closest to her – including her husband Will. April had uttered words of warning against him, but was it merely jealousy? Or does Hannah truly have something to fear from the father of her child?

Could the danger be closer to home than she realises?

And why is Hannah’s own father insisting that the past should remain in the past?

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