The New Girlfriend by Sheryl Browne

4 Stars from me

Being a mother of boys I read this book with a underlying feeling of grief for her lost boy. My heart hurt for poor Cassie and for Josh himself who seemed like such a sweet guy.

The New Girlfriend is horribly gripping and as much as I felt like I was intruding on a painful time for this broken family I couldn’t help but keep reading.

There are so many lies and so much deceit, hurt and mistrust that it is hard to see through it all and work out what is the truth – Sheryl Browne has woven and dark and complicated web within these pages.

It’s not ALL heavy, there are some moments of the loveliness of relationships too although they are mostly obliterated by the all purveying weight of loss, suspicion and manipulation.

If you like a book that will mess with your mind while putting your heart through the wringer – you’ll love this one!

Blurb: Your Secrets. Her Lies.

Cassie stares at the woman on her doorstep in disbelief. Just months after losing her only son, Josh, here stands a stranger claiming to be Josh’s girlfriend. But it’s not only the woman Cassie is shocked by, it’s the baby nestled in Kim’s arms. Cassie’s grandchild.

I know what you did.

As Cassie tries to do what’s best for baby Samuel, she starts to receive threatening messages from someone from her past – someone Cassie has been hiding from for a long time. Cassie is frightened that her biggest secret is about to be revealed and she will lose everything, including her precious grandson.

You took everything from me. Now you need to pay.

As the messages get more sinister, Cassie realises the person behind them knows every detail about her life and she fears that she is being watched. Could Kim be the link between Cassie and the mysterious messenger? And is she in danger now that she has welcomed this woman and her baby into her home?



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