The Arrangement by Miranda Rijks

5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

As a rule I tend to love Miranda Rijks books so I wasn’t surprised to find myself utterly captivated by ‘The Arrangement’.

I also learnt quite a lot from it – who knew about the sugar bowl… fascinating!

This book offers an insight into female friendships along with a desperate dive into grief, unresolved feelings and alcoholism.

Poor Grace, I felt so desperately sorry for her! Life certainly dealt her a few bad hands even before she lost her daughter. You’d think the death of her child would be the absolute worst thing she could endure but by god things went from bad to worse for this poor woman.

As much as there were times when I wanted to shout at her to stop her self-destructive behaviours, I completely get why she was so driven to find the truth. However, the more she dug, the deeper she seemed to get into trouble and there were many times when I just couldn’t see how she could possibly get out of the firing line.

Excellent observations of the darker side of families, long term friendships and marriages and a sad glimpse into the infidelities of so many.

My thanks to the lovely Emma from Damp Pebbles and Miranda Rijks for letting me be a part of this blog tour.

The Arrangement by Miranda Rijks
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Blurb: How well do you know your daughter?

Grace is living through every mother’s worst nightmare. Her student daughter Abi went away on a dream vacation to South Africa – and was murdered.

Overwhelmed by grief, and fighting off old demons which have resurfaced, Grace tries to make sense of it – who would want to kill her beautiful girl?

But as she learns more about Abi’s life in the UK, she realises she didn’t know her own daughter very well. How did Abi acquire all those designer clothes? And what was she doing on those mysterious trips to London?

Grace desperately needs to find answers. But soon it becomes clear that someone doesn’t want her digging into Abi’s secret past. Someone who knows how to use Grace’s own weaknesses against her, sending her on a journey to the darkest hell…



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