The Darkness Within by Graeme Hampton

3.5 Stars from me

Books that expose the seedier side of life and historic crimes of the like featured in The Darkness Within are a fabulous tool for raising awareness – neatly wrapped up in a gripping crime thriller! Well done, Graeme Hampton for featuring this subject matter.

The book follows the lives of Denning and Molly as they work to solve two apparently unrelated cases. In their pursuit of answers, they both inadvertently wander into murky waters – Denning truly by accident and Molly because she seems to seek out the most dangerous path!

There were times when the police procedural side of the story felt dreadfully concerning – they seem to all pull against each other at times rather then working as a team. It makes for scandalous reading, even if I wouldn’t want them the be the team fighting in my corner!

Denning’s family and friendships all felt a little cold to me. Molly’s home life on the other hand is nothing short of a conundrum – it is hard to picture someone like her, so determined, dogged and full of inquiry, putting up with Jon. But then again, she is clearly a good lady with a good heart and who can blame her for feeling like she owe’s it to him to stay?

Colin’s character, his history and his predicament felt all too real and tragic, the ills we suffer in childhood certainly do shape our future.

My thanks to Graeme Hampton and BOTBSPublicity for letting me take part in this blog tour.


Blurb: You can run… but death will always find you.

A man is discovered on a leafy North London street, fighting for life after a brutal beating. DI Matthew Denning and his team are quickly called in to to track down the monster responsible.

Except the victim is hiding secrets of his own. His name shows that he was reported missing two decades ago – but it’s clear that the missing person is not the same man lying broken in a hospital bed.

A visit to a squalid East London flat unearths a victim with his throat slit, his body left to decompose. A sad end to any life – but when it is identified as former DCI Frank Buckfield, star of the Met police, the case takes on a new significance.

Two seemingly unrelated cases – but as Denning, along with DS Molly Fisher, investigates further, they uncover links between the two victims that lead back to a ring of silence cloaking the blackest of crimes.

But as Denning and Fisher try to track down a killer with revenge on their mind, they find themselves pitted against a psychopath who will kill to keep their secrets hidden. Can they uncover the truth, before they end up the latest victims?


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