The Art of Death by David Fennell

4 Stars from me

As well as having a cracking cover, The Art of Death is a fabulous debut novel by David Fennell.

I greatly enjoyed meeting DI Grace Archer and her team as they raced – blindly at times – to track down @nonymous.

I had to admire Archer as she joins a team by filling the shoes of a cop that she helped put away… all a bit awkward, especially as her new boss was dating him. Can’t say I would have relished that opportunity myself.

I greatly enjoyed the ‘art’ aspect of the murders and how the killer lured people – a bit of a lesson to us all to think about how much we give away online.

It’s always hard meeting a new team at the start of a series (I am presuming this will go on to be a series) but I feel like we know them all now – warts an all – and it will be good to pick them up again in future books.

Archer’s relationship with her grandad was a nice touch too.

Overall, very engaging, gripping at times, nicely nutty killer and a great introduction to Archer and her team.

Blurb: London’s latest art installation is a real killer… An underground artist leaves three glass cabinets in Trafalgar Square that contain a gruesome installation: the corpses of three homeless men. With the artist promising more to follow, newly-promoted Detective Inspector Grace Archer and her caustic DS, Harry Quinn, must race against time to follow what few clues have been left by a savvy killer. As more bodies are exhibited at London landmarks and live streamed on social media, Archer and Quinn’s pursuit of the elusive killer becomes a desperate search. But when Archer discovers that the killer might be closer than she originally thought – she realises that he has his sights set firmly on her… He is creating a masterpiece. And she will be the star of his show.


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