In A Deep Dark Wood by Tina Pritchard

4 Stars from me

I was rapidly hooked by this story, I already find walking in the woods to be scary but this has elevated it to a whole new level!

What Fran sees in the woods is horrifying – and just the beginning of a long living nightmare.

Does she bring a lot of it upon herself… well, yes, silly moo.

However, she does have a rather enviable ability to pick up new friends – albeit without the ability to check their suitability first!

The ‘county lines’ element of the books is so current and such an important thing for people to be aware of.

The family domestic scenes were great too, not peachy perfect and with a strong believability about them.

All in all – a very fast and engaging read – perfect for lockdown!

My thanks to lovely Emma from @damppebbles and @inkubatorbooks for letting me be a part of the #damppebblesblogtours

Blurb: What she saw in the wood would change her life forever.

Walking in the wood one day, Fran witnesses the horrifying murder of local teen, Tyler. She tells the police exactly what she saw, but their investigation doesn’t seem to make much headway.

Fran tries to settle back into a normal life, but is tormented by guilt – was there something she could have done to save the boy? Fran can’t let it go and finds herself drawn to Tyler’s grieving mother, Mel, both finding some strange connection through this shared trauma.

Then someone launches a terrifying campaign of intimidation against Fran and her husband, Laurie. Could it be the killers? Are they letting her know she had better be careful what she says? Who she sees? And why is Mel acting so strangely? Does she know more about her son’s death than she is saying?

Fran can’t help herself – she needs to know the truth. But when she begins to dig, she uncovers the terrible secret of the deep, dark wood – a secret that will change her life forever.



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