In Cold Blood by Jane Bettany

4 Stars from me

I loved this introduction to DI Isabel Blood and her team. Like a lot of well known fictional detectives, she has a lot of baggage that haunts her and forms part of the reason she joined the police.

The story is structured in a way that made me begin to doubt virtually every character – including the hapless two who were doing up number 23… They were interesting.

Isabel’s relationship with her mother was flawed and hampered her understanding of the past, I liked this element, it was such a human touch so mundane and yet so true. All those unspoken words and all those subtle ways that just exist within families – when simply talking openly could solve so much.

Overall, a nice detective story set at a good pace – surely any fan of these style of books would love it.

Blurb: No secret can stay buried forever…

As the Whitworth family begin renovations on their new home, their plans are brought to an abrupt end when they discover a body buried in the back garden.

DI Isabel Blood and her team are called to investigate, but as she approaches Ecclesdale Drive, a feeling of unease settles in her gut.

The property cordoned off is number 23. The house she used to live in as a child…

The forensic team estimate that the body has been in the ground for up to forty years – coinciding with the time Isabel’s family lived in the house.

Isabel’s father vanished without a trace when she was fourteen years old. And with her mother remaining tight-lipped about her father’s disappearance, Isabel can’t escape the unnerving sense of dread that it’s his body, buried in the garden.


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