The Stranger Next Door by Adam Southward

4 Stars from me

Utterly horrible book – I loved it!

This is why I keep neighbours at arms length…

Imogen and Matt move a small community, leaving life in the big city behind them – along with the suggestion of there being a big reason for them needing to move. Did something go wrong, was there trouble, did one of them do something? It hangs heavy in the air at times.

Imogen soon becomes friends with Nancy who seems to scoop her up and immediately offers what seems to be the perfect friendship. How lucky is she! Even with a poorly daughter to look after, Nancy has all the time in world for Imogen – although she appears less then keen on Matt.

So after Nancy makes an accusation – that seems to chime with whatever they left behind in the city – Imogen doesn’t know who to turn to. Then when she becomes unwell she has no choice but to rely on ever present Nancy…

Creepy, unsettling and utterly compelling – The Stranger Next Door will get under your skin for sure!

Blurb: When Matt and Imogen move out of the city, they’re hoping for a much-needed fresh start. Matt throws himself into his new job, but Imogen struggles to adjust to life in quiet Surrey. She’s grateful for the kind welcome from new neighbour Nancy, and they soon become close friends.

So when Nancy makes a shocking accusation, Imogen doesn’t know who to trust. This isn’t the first time Matt has found himself on the wrong end of a false accusation. . . but is Nancy hiding secrets of her own?

As simmering tensions threaten to boil over, Imogen is in more danger than she realises. Can she uncover the truth before she loses everything?


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