The Silent Suspect by Nell Pattison

4 Stars from me

Having read and been fascinated by The Silent House, I was delighted to read The Silent Suspect. It was good to get re-acquainted with BSL interpreter Paige Northwood – I do like a lady who knows her mind.

There are three strong threads through this book, the whodunnit style mystery surrounding Lukas, the issue of cuckooing and also Paige’s love-life!

The cuckooing is a hot potato right now, it is a sub-plot appearing in lots of the books that I am read – and of course the almighty Line of Duty! I am glad that awareness is spreading – this is one of the most insidious and fast growing underground threats that seems to be kept on the down low by the shame factor. Those targeted are the disadvantaged, weak, impaired or vulnerable – it needs more people to be vigilant and aware in order for it to be stopped.

Back to the book… I find Sasha hard to warm to, almost prefer the miserable DI Forest! At least you know where you are with her. Anna, Nadia, Lukas, Lukas’s son, Max, Rav and even Roy were all great characters (not all likeable but all great solid characters).

I love that these books carry such an important message and raise awareness all while being a stone cold crime thriller, thanks to Nell Pattison my knowledge and understanding of the deaf community has increased – also thanks to Will Dean who educates us on this theme too in Dark Pines. I am immensely grateful for this deeper awareness.

Another great read from Nell Pattison with a lot to make you think.

Blurb: On a quiet street, one house is burning to the ground…

By the time sign language interpreter Paige Northwood arrives, flames have engulfed her client’s home. Though Lukas is safe, his wife is still inside. But she was dead before the fire started…

Lukas signs to Paige that he knows who killed his wife. But then he goes silent – even when the police arrest him on suspicion of murder.

Is he guilty, or afraid? Only Paige can help him now…


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