The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter

4 Stars from me

I am a long time fan of Karin Slaughter and absolutely adored the Grant County series and was utterly devastated when she killed off Jeffery.

So my heart leapt for joy when I realised that this book flipped between the present day and also back to when Jeffery was alive as Sara, Will and the team tackled a killer who had been active for the whole time frame.

Karin Slaughter is truly a master story teller. The very beginning of the book starts with a young lady who we get to know well, albeit briefly, the very fact that Slaughter took the time to introduce us to this girl and make her come to life on the page is a prime example of why she is the queen of this genre. We know the characters – however long they will be with us – inside and out and I absolutely love that.

Also, Will Trent, have loved him from the very beginning, turns out he’s worth 10 of Jeffery and Sara is a very lucky lady!

As with all Karin Slaughter books, this is not a quick read but that’s wonderful and you will love every minute of the book.

The story is clever and layered and I really enjoyed it, I did not work out who the killer was and to be honest I didn’t really try to as I was just enjoying the ride.

Blurb: A woman runs alone in the woods. She convinces herself she’s safe.

He watches

But a predator is watching from the shadows. Waiting for the perfect moment to attack.

He waits

They thought they caught him. But another victim has just been found.

The hunt has only just begun. And the killer is ready to strike again…


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