All For You by Louise Jensen

5 Stars from me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

BLOODY HELL! What a story!

Hold on to your hat and don’t kid yourself that you’ll be doing anything other than reading on the day that you start this one. Also, don’t be thinking that you’ll suss it out, this book is twistier than a bag of snakes riding a tornado, on a roller coaster!

All For You brings tension to whole new levels and I am not entirely sure if I actually breathed once while reading it.

My favourite character? Connor.

There is so much at stake at so many points in this story and whenever I even vaguely began to think I had worked out what was going on the sands shifted again leaving me dumped unceremoniously on my backside, not quite sure which way was up.

I wonder if it resonated so much because I am a mother of two boys and I couldn’t help but draw parallels and imagine how I would feel in Lucy’s shoes.

Argh it is so hard to write this review without giving away spoilers… and this story is too good to spoil for you, you really must enjoy it first hand for yourself.

An absolute belter of a read, full of perfectly observed thoughts and emotions from teenagers to husbands, friends, wives and even doctors! The characterisation throughout is exceptional and believable and every single person brings something to the story.

I can’t recommend this enough, if you are a fan of psychological thrillers, you will LOVE this.


Blurb: The new gripping psychological thriller from the bestselling author The Date and The Sister MEET THE WALSH FAMILY

Lucy: Mother. Wife. Falling to pieces . . .
Aidan: Father. Husband. In too deep . . .
Connor: Son. Friend. Can never tell the truth . . .

Everyone in this family has something to hide, but what are they trying to protect, and at what cost?



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