The Beach House by Beverley Jones

4 Stars from me

Having read and loved Wilderness by the same author, I was so excited to have the opportunity to be on the blog tour for The Beach House.

Grace Jensen is a great character – I read the majority of the book really unsure of whether or not I liked her and definitely sure that I didn’t trust her!

I love love love how much I found myself doubting and questioning as I read – I remember a similar feeling throughout Wilderness, where I was continually thinking ‘do I trust this’, ‘is this real’, ‘I wonder if I believe this person’ etc. It is such a clever way to write.

I raced through this book and just had to keep reading until I found out what on earth was going on and who – if anyone – could be trusted and was telling the truth. I also appreciated the nods back to ‘before’ which felt like a teaser towards how things were going to progress. The past seemed to be snapping at Grace’s heels!

The setting for the book is really good too, I loved the small town vibe and the links back to other areas all of which you just know are there for a reason… or are they?

This little gem will get under your skin and mess with your mind – the perfect distraction!

Another fabulous book from Beverley Jones and my thanks to @bevjoneswriting, @TheCrimeVault and @damppebbles for letting me be a part of this #damppebblesblogtours for #TheBeachHouse

Book Blurb: The perfect place to hide. Or so she thought . . .

When Grace Jensen returns to her home in Lookout Beach one day, she finds a body in a pool of
blood and a menacing gift left for her.

The community of Lookout Beach is shocked by such a brutal intrusion in their close-knit
neighbourhood – particularly to a family as successful and well-liked as the Jensens – and a police
investigation to find the trespasser begins.

But Grace knows who's after her. She might have changed her name and moved across the world,
deciding to hide on the Oregon coast, but she’s been waiting seventeen years for what happened in
the small Welsh town where she grew up to catch-up with her.

Grace might seem like the model neighbour and mother, but nobody in Lookout Beach – not even
her devoted husband Elias – knows the real her. Or how much blood is on her hands.


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