Dirty Little Secret by Jonathan Peace

4 Stars from me

Set in 1987, this debut novel is the first in the WDC Louise Miller series.

Now, to me, 1987 doesn’t seem that long ago and yet it is a world where people smoked at work, sexism and misogyny were rife and female police officers were a bit of a novelty.

WDC Louise Miller is a woman on a mission – to be taken seriously, to do her job and to be seen as an equal. I felt like she was a real forerunner for pushing the boundaries within the mindsets of the male dominated police force.

Dirty Little Secret was a delight to read, I really enjoyed all of the throwbacks and was surprised and how much it rankled when some of the male characters were outrageously sexist or just dismissed the women without even considering their view could be valid.

There were some great characters in the book and the as the story developed virtually everyone came under suspicion and appeared to be a viable suspect.

Louise’s relationship with the psychologist Karla Hayes felt a little unfinished and I wonder if that will feature in future books.

Overall, this was a good plot within an engaging and atmospheric setting and I look forward to reading the next installment!

Blurb: Ossett, West Yorkshire. March, 1987.

A town of flower shows, Maypole parades and Sunday football games. But behind all the closed doors and drawn curtains are hidden truths and shameful lies.

Discovering the body of a young girl dumped into a phone box at a local beauty spot, WDC Louise Miller’s first case as detective in her hometown is made harder by the sexism and misogyny of small-town policing. But her four years on the force in Manchester have prepared her for this and along with ally WPC Elizabeth Hines, the pair work the case together.

As their inquiries uncover the town’s hidden secrets, psychologist Karla Hayes offers insights into the troubled psychological problems of the victim, revealing dark truths that could lead to the identity of the killer.

But when a second girl goes missing, Louise realises that some secrets should stay hidden. Including hers.

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