The Woman in the Woods by Lisa Hall

5 Stars from me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I simply adore when a writer drags you straight into story and from the very first page you find yourself living and breathing a character.

The Woman in the Woods is a creep-fest that will also mess with your mind! I found myself loathing virtually every character and by the end I didn’t trust anyone. Not even the baby! Ok, well maybe the baby.

In much the same way that Lisa Hall’s previous books have got under my skin, this one did too bringing with it an air of unease and deep seated sense of suspicion.

I loved all the plant knowledge that was scattered throughout whenever a flower or plant was mentioned – for good or evil – and I chuckled to myself at quite what the author’s search history would reveal!

Great book, super atmospheric and the perfect read for the darker nights.

Blurb: Is her family in danger?

When Allie moves to a quaint old cottage with her husband, it’s their dream home. Nestled in the village of Pluckley, it seems a perfect haven in which to raise their two children. But Pluckley has a reputation. It’s known as England’s most haunted village. And not long after the birth of their new son, Allie begins to notice strange things…  

What’s the flash of white she sees moving quickly through the woods to the back of their house? And what’s the strange scratching noise coming from the chimney?

As Allie discovers more about the history of their new home, she uncovers a story of witchcraft and superstition, which casts a long shadow into the present day. And not everything is as it seems. Her family might well be in danger, but it’s a danger none of them could have foreseen…


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