Dark Secrets by Sally Rigby

4 Stars from me

The formidable duo return in book 11 of the series to a most unusual crime – an entire family have been found dead at the dinner table by a young boy…

DCI Whitney Walker returns early from leave to help solve the case and is soon fully immersed in her attempts to trace the killer, with the help of forensic psychologist and best friend George Cavendish.

It is nice to read some snippets about the lives of these two outside of work, it makes them feel much more real and relatable.

As an added bonus, it seems that Chief Super ‘di**head’ Douglas is somehow connected to the case meaning Whitney is walking on eggshells even more than normal.

Although the apparent motive for the bizarre killings may seem obvious, it isn’t so easy to establish who the killer of this popular family is.

Whitney and her team are dogged in their determination to find the murderer and they are soon on the right path which leads to an exciting climax to the book.

The book ends with a teaser for what is coming the future and I look forward to reading more – especially as my new favourite ex detective Sebastian Clifford will be taking centre stage.

All round, a good thriller, a good series and some hugely likeable characters.

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 Blurb: An uninvited guest…a deadly secret….and a terrible crime.

When a well-loved family of five are found dead sitting around their dining table with an untouched meal in front of them, it sends shockwaves throughout the community.

Was it a murder suicide, or was someone else involved?

It’s one of DCI Whitney Walker’s most baffling cases, and even with the help of forensic psychologist Dr Georgina Cavendish, they struggle to find any clues or motives to help them catch the killer.

But with a community in mourning and growing pressure to get answers, Cavendish and Walker are forced to go deeper into a murderer’s mind than they’ve ever gone before.

Dark Secrets is the eleventh book in the Cavendish & Walker series. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Joy Ellis and Rachel McLean.



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