The Woman on the Pier by B P Walter

3 Stars from me

Having read and enjoyed The Dinner Guest, I was excited to pick up The Woman on the Pier. Intriguing cover too!

I found the central characters – particularly Caroline and her husband – to be utterly unlikeable. Deeply and utterly.

The book is deep immersive dive into the grief of this couple over the death of their daughter, so not liking them was difficult.

The storyline and overall premise was interesting and the story itself well constructed.

Certainly not a feel good book and one I would find it hard to recommend because I would know that it despite it being a good story it would inevitably bring the reader down.

Blurb: Two strangers meet on the pier. Only one walks away…

Screenwriter Caroline Byrne is desperate to know why her daughter Jessica died, murdered in Stratford when she was supposed to be at a friend’s in Somerset.

When Caroline discovers the messages Jessica had been sending a boy named Michael, she realises it’s because of him. Because he failed to meet her that day.

He’s the reason why her daughter is dead.

And so she makes a choice. He’s the one who’s going to pay.

That is her promise. Her price.

Set between Essex, Kent, and Australia, The Pier is a dark suspense thriller brimming with secrets and lies seeping across three generations. A must-read for fans of Lucy Foley and Rosamund Lupton.


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