The Sleep of Reason by Mark Rowley and David Derbyshire

4 Stars from me

It’s my turn on the blog tour today for this co-authored political/terrorist thriller which jumps straight in with a terror attack at a theme park. This made me take pause as it was only too easy to imagine how utterly desperate and terrifying it would have been for the victims – the very safety measures put in place to protect them on the ride being the very things that prevent them from being able to escape.

The double slant of following the killer who is fighting his own demons after the attack, and following Detective Superintendent Sophie Gabriel and her team as they work hard and fast to prevent more attacks, was exciting and tense.

Gabriel was a good lead, I enjoyed following her thoughts, actions, fears and battles as she worked focussed and determined to catch the killer and prevent further incidents.

The descriptions of the creation and recruitment of the terrorist cells felt horribly well informed and the author’s history and prior knowledge gave this element a very real feeling.

I would imagine this book would appeal to thriller fans as well as those particularly interested in political thrillers and books with a terrorism angle to them.

My thanks to Legend Press and the authors for letting me be a part of this blog tour.

Blurb: A brutal massacre at a theme park leaves eight dead and triggers a wave of extremist violence across Britain. 

On the trail of the killer is Detective Superintendent SOPHIE GABRIEL, who must confront her past as she races to stop rival Islamist and neo-Nazi terror groups bringing a deadly campaign of violence to Britain’s streets.

As community tensions rise, the Coalition Government appear to be exploiting the crisis for their own ends. In the midst of a political and media whirlwind, Gabriel and her team must stop a ruthless terrorist attack that could leave hundreds dead.


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