No Secrets by David Jackson

4 Stars from me

As creepy as you’d fully expect a David Jackson thriller to be, No Secrets had me hooked throughout.

Main character Izzy has a sweet job in a bookstore and tries to live a pretty standard life but she walks the difficult line of being able to tell when people ore lying. Sounds like a good thing but from a young age she found out that it has its downsides.

Now, when young girls start going missing in her town and Izzy gets a feeling that someone she knows isn’t telling the truth, she feels honour bound to help out. Without any evidence and just her own flimsy protestations to back up her ‘evidence’ Izzy gets nowhere fast when she speaks to the police.

There are some really sweet moments in No Secrets (alongside the creepfest) and hugely appreciate the author weaving these in as they add so much to the reading experience.

Izzy’s methods of convincing people of her ‘abilities’ were really entertaining and I enjoyed the way she used her empathetic skills to try and save the girls.

I didn’t enjoy how much she put herself in danger, No Secrets had far too many ‘don’t go down into the cellar’ moments for my liking!

Overall a very entertaining read and I look forward to reading more from this author.


Izzy is cursed. She has highly developed empathic abilities that mean she can read the emotions of those close to her. And she can always tell when they are lying. As a child she sparked her parents’ divorce by revealing her father’s infidelity. As an adult she has cut herself off from almost everyone except her partner, the only person she knows who has nothing to hide.

But no matter how she tries, Izzy’s abilities cannot be controlled. Young girls are going missing, and the police have no suspects. But when Izzy sees her old school caretaker being interviewed, she knows his story about seeing the latest victim being bundled into a car isn’t true. But why would Kenneth Plumley lie? And when the police won’t take her seriously, Izzy risks everything to discover the truth herself…


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