My Darling Daughter by J P Delaney

4.5 Stars from me

This book took me to another world – two very different ones in fact. One of the life style of the rich and famous, and one of a child who has rattled through some of the worst aspects of the care system.

Susie and Gabe live a seemingly charmed life, looking perfect from the outside – but is it? When the daughter that Susie gave up for adoption suddenly appears in their lives, Susie and Gabe invite her in with open arms – but were they right to be so trusting or is there more going on than meets the eye?

As would be expected from a J P Delaney novel, My Darling Daughter is a fast psychological thriller that will keep you invested in the characters and guessing at the plot.

Blurb: The child you never knew knows all your secrets . . .

Out of the blue, Susie Jukes is contacted on social media by Anna, the girl she gave up for adoption fifteen years ago.

But when they meet, Anna’s home life sounds distinctly strange to Susie and her husband Gabe. And when Anna’s adoptive parents seem to overreact to the fact she contacted them at all, Susie becomes convinced that Anna needs her help.

But is Anna’s own behaviour simply what you’d expect from someone recovering from a traumatic childhood? Or are there other secrets at play here – secrets Susie has also been hiding for the last fifteen years?


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