The Locked Attic by B P Walter

4 Stars from me

There is something so desperately creepy and uncomfortable about this book.

For me this story took several unexpected turns and I found much of what happened to be quite incongruous and unpredictable.

Stephanie was an unusual character to follow and she made some really odd decisions.

Her son, Danny, was a lovely character. His storylines were nicely handled and very engaging to read. This was a softer and more sensitive side to this depraved little tale.

The Locked Attic shines a light on the old adage that you never fully know what goes on behind closed doors. Every second that Stephanie spent in that house was a second too long for my comfort zones!

I remain baffled by the relevance of the issues at the power plant, but maybe that’s just me.

Overall, the book was way less about a locked attic than I thought it would be!

Also, I love the cover.

Wishing you a happy Jólabókaflóðið #Jolabokaflod this #ChristmasEve

Blurb: There’s something in my neighbour’s attic.

Something steeped in shadows. A secret to everyone. Seen by no one…

He stands sometimes at the window. Hidden in the corner of my eye.

I know he’s there. I know he’s watching.

Now my son is dead. My neighbour is not.

And I’m going to find out why.


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