The Various Haunts of Men by Susan Hill

4.5 Stars from me

I concede that I am somewhat late (about 9 years…) to the party but considering this book was first published in 2004 I am stunned at how well it has stood up to the test of time!

I loved meeting Simon Serrailler, Freya, Nathan, Cat and co in this deeply engrossing read.

Freya Graffham was a fabulous character to get to know and I loved how she threw herself into her new life with such gusto and was at the same time an excellent police officer. Her rapport with strangers lent itself well to her ability to settle into a new team and a new village.

I can see that Simon Serrailler is going to be an interesting character to read about and see how he develops – I hope there is more to uncover about his family relationships and especially that with his grumpy cold fish of a father. Bizarrely, his mum seems warm and delightful – how odd they are together.

This felt like a satisfyingly long read and I had a few moments where I was genuinely shocked by the storyline – a rarity for someone who reads so many crime thrillers so hats off to the author for that!

A quick google search tells me that there are 12 Simon Serrailler books, so I have lots more to look forward to 🙂

Blurb: Having transferred to the small cathedral town of Lafferton from London’s “Met,” police detective Freya Graffham explores her new community and becomes fascinated by Chief Insp. Simon Serrailler, her enigmatic superior. Though she fits well within the local police force, she finds herself unable to let go what seems like a routine missing persons report on a middle-aged spinster. When yet more townspeople turn up missing, her hunch is verified and a serious police search begins, bringing her into closer proximity with Serrailler at the same time it exposes her to danger.


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