Green Shoots by Ben Westwood

4 Stars from me

There is an undeniable, deep authenticity running throughout this story.

The sharp edge of grief was ever present and felt like a true depiction of the effects.

The two statements above make for unusual bedfellows when considering this is a thriller – billed as an eco-thriller and I can see why. The undercurrent of there being something wrong in the jungle and the premise of the killer highlighting the plight at the crime scenes was both interesting and unusual.

Out of their ashes, green shoots will grow.”

With no pun intended, I was rooting for John and although I didn’t want him to travel to Ecuador I was glad that something had ignited a fire under him and made him want to continue with life.

This eco-thriller is clever and engaging, offering a gruesome and intriguing chase to catch a killer, alongside a useful dose of knowledge about consumerism.

Also, stunning cover. Really beautiful, I love it.

My thanks to Ben Westwood and Zooloo’s Book Tours for letting me be a part of the blog tour for Green Shoots.

Blurb: The Constant Gardener meets Dexter – Green Shoots is a gripping conspiracy thriller with an ecological heart.

Brought back from the brink of suicide by a mysterious phone call, grieving journalist John Adamson is on a quest for the truth about his wife Christina’s death in South America.

A private investigator provides John with clues to what really happened, but also tips him off to investigate a spate of deaths of businessmen, all found with the same cryptic message: “Out of their ashes, green shoots will grow.”

From the protest-filled streets of London to the ravaged jungles of Ecuador, John is unwittingly drawn into a lethal plot.

There seems to be a vigilante killer on the loose, but who is behind these murders and what is the connection to his wife’s death?



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