Blood Runs Cold by Neil Lancaster

5 Stars from me

Book 4 in the DS Max Craigie series sees Max and Janie working together to track down missing Affi Smith.

This is a strong and gritty crime thriller balanced nicely with some soft and human touches and personable characters. Max, Janie and the team are fab – just the right take on hard and soft and they make for a formidable force. If I was lost, I’d want them looking for me!

There is some nice tension and the story runs at a great pace as they battle to find the missing 15 year old while trying to work out who on their team is leaking information to the bad guys.

This is definitely an ‘I’ll just read the next chapter‘ book and I am sure that all crime thriller fans will love it just as much as I did!

Blurb: She was taken against her will.

On her fifteenth birthday, trafficking victim Affi Smith goes for a run and never returns. With a new identity and secure home in the Scottish Highlands, she was supposed to be safe…

She escaped once.

With personal ties to Affi’s case, DS Max Craigie joins the investigation. When he discovers other trafficking victims have disappeared in exactly the same circumstances, he knows one thing for certain – there’s a leak somewhere within law-enforcement.

She won’t outrun them again.

The clock is ticking… Max must catch Affi’s kidnappers and expose the mole before anyone else goes missing. Even it if means turning suspicions onto his own team…

Don’t miss the next book in the DS Max Craigie series! Fans of Ian Rankin and Marion Todd will love this utterly gripping Scottish thriller!

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