The Last Passenger by Will Dean

5 Stars from me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

I feel like I’m only just getting over The Last Thing to Burn and then along comes The Last Passenger.

I would seriously have thought The Last Thing to Burn would have been impossible to top but The Last Passenger is just as horribly engaging and impossible to put down.

What a dark, disturbed, and depraved mind this man has…

I hadn’t read the blurb for this book so had no idea what to expect. I often do that when I already know that I love an author’s books so that everything is a complete surprise. And bloody hell, about 5% in I sure was surprised!

Genuinely this is heart in the mouth stuff and with every page, the tension builds more and the story gets more and more horribly engrossing. I was hanging on the author’s every word and willing the characters on. Each time I thought things had got as bad as possible, something worse happened and soon my mind was chasing down wild theories and speculation about quite how bad it could get.

Absolutely Brilliant. Absolutely Horrible – can’t recommend it enough! Maybe though, just maybe, don’t take it on a cruise!

Blurb: My phone has no reception, something we’ve been told to expect from time to time out here, and my stomach feels uneasy. Maybe it’s the motion of the waves or maybe it’s the fact that Pete didn’t leave a note or a text. He usually leaves a note with a heart.
I pull on jeans and a jumper and scrunch my hair on top of my head and take my key card and step out into the corridor.
Thirty seconds later it hits me.
All the other cabin doors are wedged open.
Every single one is unoccupied and unlocked.
My heart starts beating harder. I break out into a run. At the end of the long corridor I take a lift down to the Ocean Lobby.
There’s nobody here.
My mouth is dry.
It’s like I’m trapped on a runaway train.
No, this is worse.
The RMS Atlantica is steaming out into the ocean and I am the only person on board.

This was supposed to be the holiday of a lifetime for Cas. Now she just needs to survive.

With the drama of The Woman in Cabin 10 and the tension of And Then There Were None, The Last Passenger is a psychological thriller set aboard a cruise ship about a woman whose seemingly ordinary life is suddenly thrown dramatically off course. Will Dean is The Master of Intense Suspense and this novel is full of his trademark twists and turns.


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