Phobia by C A Shives

I’m almost nervous when I read a debut novel, especially one which I’ve already agreed to review!

I found the book initially read at a slower pace than I was expecting and it took me a few chapters to really get into it, although on reflection that is probably to be expected when you are getting to know new characters and a new writing style.

However, suddenly I found that I was hooked and I got completely engrossed in the story which was cleverly unravelling on the pages. I really enjoyed the character Artemis Herne and I hope he will feature in future books; he was a full on, gnarly, alcoholic, old school type and I thought he was ace!

Once I warmed to the characters, the book really came to life for me and I read the second half of it in one sitting because I just couldn’t find a place where I wanted to stop.

I felt there were lots of occasions where this book could have taken a lazy turn but full credit to C A Shives as it didn’t, it was a great read and I will look forward to reading more.



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