The Price Of Redemption by Gavin R Dobson


The Price Of Redemption

by Gavin R Dobson

I wasn’t especially looking forward to this book but I am so glad that I’ve read it as it was really gripping!

It seems to have been pitched very much towards the thrusting stock broker world because the main characters in the book work for Capital Management firm in London and yes the book is littered with financial facts and figures but only because they are relevant to the story.

I thought I would find the financial side of things overpowering but that wasn’t the case, I really enjoyed a little insight into the trading world. The book is founded upon a great storyline, it has strong characters; some you love, some you hate and some you are suspicious of!

I read the book very quickly because I had a hunch about how it was going to turn out and I had to see if I was right……I wasn’t!


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