The Book With No Name by Anonymous

The Book With No Name

The Book With No Name

by Anonymous

It may sound daft but I actually put off reading this book for a while.


Well, The Book With No Name tells you that everyone who reads it will die.


It even says in nice big letters on the back:


But, taking my life in my hands, read it I did. And I loved it. It is very much not my usual subject matter and knowing that it started life as a self published novel by an anonymous author I have to confess I started it with the full belief that I’d soon be bored and probably end up not finishing it.

I was very wrong.

This book is great! I love the ‘sod the norm’ layout and print style, I love the fact it is anonymous, and I love (big pink puffy heart love) The Bourbon Kid!

It’s a fun read but a good read; well written, well constructed and very entertaining.

The blurb on the back page describes it as ‘Tarantino meets The Da Vinci Code’, I agree with the Tarantino bit, not so sure about Da Vinci!

I’m not going to give you any of the story, just take my word for it that this is a book you should read!



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