Bad Blood by Mark Sennen

Bad BloodSynopsis: When the body of a six-year-old girl is found buried beneath a patio, nobody is surprised when a local paedophile is murdered shortly afterwards. But when a member of DI Charlotte Savage’s team is abducted and several men are executed in cold blood it becomes apparent that there’s a psychopath on the loose with no mercy for his victims…

It becomes clear that the killer isn’t selecting his victims at random and soon Savage is in a race against time to stop him. But what if this man has a message for Charlotte herself? One she won’t forget in a hurry. It’s payback time. Deadly payback time.

Part thriller, part police procedural, a must-read for fans of Mark Billingham and Chris Carter.

Gets 2 stars from me.

Picked this one up because I liked the cover… (I am a walking cliche sometimes!)

It was almost brilliant. The story-line itself was really good and the individual characters were good but there was just something about it that didn’t gel properly for me. I liked DI Charlotte Savage but her family and history were all just trying a bit too hard to be edgy. Her relationship with her partner was ridiculous and unbelievable.

There were either too many characters or not enough time spent building them, I not sure which. The story seemed to jump around all over the place and I found myself reading it at various points thinking ‘I’ve no idea who this character actually is!’.

Given that the basis of the story-line itself was good, I can’t help wondering why the editor didn’t feel the need to suggest that the story was re-written to make it more cohesive and flow faster and better?

It’s a shame. Should’ve rated higher and I’ve no plans to pick up another Sennen book 😦


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