The Cruellest Game by Hilary Bonner

The Cruellest Game

I’d give this 4.5 stars!

I’m never sure how complimentary it is to either author when a books says ‘If you like Sophie Hannah you’ll love this’ but I guess I get the point of it although personally it didn’t make me buy this book, I bought it because I thought it looked good.

Anyway. 4.5 stars from me – would’ve given it 5 except that I guessed whodunit!

This is one of those books that just gets under your skin and into your mind. It is an emotional read, one where you sit and ask yourself ‘how on earth would I cope with that?’.

The main character, Marion, is one hell of a strong woman, I’m pretty sure I’d have caved in given a mere fraction of what she endures. All the characters and their relationships are engaging and well woven throughout the book. The front cover takes on a new poignancy once you’ve read the book 😦

I asked Hilary on twitter what her first book was and if they need to be read in order, she replied:

Twitter convo

And yes, I am embarrassed that there was a typo in my tweet to her!

I can see why the comparison to Sophie Hannah was made as this story had that same insidious, paranoid feeling to it that some of hers have. It made me analyse every character within the book and their motivation for every action. Her relationship with her husband was interesting to say the least!

Overall a really great book that made me think. Would’ve got the full 5 stars if I hadn’t have guessed ‘whodunit’ and how.

To buy a copy of The Cruellest Game click here.

Synopsis: Marion Anderson lives the perfect life.
She has a beautiful home, a handsome and loving husband, and an intelligent and caring son.
But as easily as perfect lives are built, they can also be demolished. When tragedy strikes at the heart of her family, Marion finds herself in the middle of a nightmare, with no sign of waking-up.
The life she treasured is disintegrating before her very eyes, but it’s just the beginning of something much worse and altogether more deadly…


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