A New Life: Life of recovery by Samantha Jacobey

A New Life

2.5 stars from me.

Hmmmm where to start with this book…

Ok, first off, the low score is because of the graphicand somewhat gratuitous sexual violence. And I  mean incredibly graphic and yet it appeared as though the scenes were meant to be conveyed as erotic. Not great for the rape(s) and certainly not great for the incestual/paedaphilic slant of some it. {All words I never thought I’d find my self using in a book review!}

The story line itself (if it lost some of the above!) would be more suited to a young adult market as it was largely fantasy with unbelievable elements and various over the top scenes and sentiments.

I’ve read a review on this which said it would be better placed as a film as the girl’s fighting skills would translate better visually – which I agree with but there is no way you could show the abusive side of it, it was bad enough trying to read it!

However, the writing was actually pretty good and the books was engaging if you could ignore all the gratuitous nonsense!

It would be interesting to read a book by Samantha Jacobey that was brave enough not to hide behind all of the above.


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