Stay Alive by Simon Kernick

Stay Alive

4 Stars from me.

I do love the books of Simon Kernick. In particular the sheer pace of them which,  from the very first paragraph, is always 100 miles per hour and immediately draws you into the lives of the characters.

I think he is especially skilled at writing about the moment, his detailed accounts of the minutiae of a situation mean that you get utterly engrossed in the story and live every second word by word.

His telling of chase scenes and fight scenes is genius in my opinion, with most authors I find myself skim reading those bits and often losing track of the finer details but with Simon Kernick the entire scene is brought to life in captivating clarity.

Great story, nice little twists and turns, enjoyable characters and an exceptionally fast pace. If you like his others then you’ll love this!

‘Only’ 4 out of 5 – because the ending wasn’t as kaboom-pow as the rest of the book.

6 thoughts on “Stay Alive by Simon Kernick

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