Sealed With A Kiss by Rachel Lucas

Sealed With A Kiss

Synopsis: Kate breathes a sigh of relief when she’s dumped at her best friend’s wedding. Faced with moving back home, she takes a job with a cottage on the remote island of Auchenmor. Kate’s told Auchenmor is too small for secrets, but prickly new boss Roderick is keeping something to himself. When his ex-girlfriend comes back on the scene, their budding friendship comes to an abrupt end-and Kate finds out Fiona’s got a sinister motive for coming back to the island she hates. Can she be stopped before it’s too late, and will the island find its way into Kate’s heart?

4 stars from me

Such a lovely book! I read this on holiday in two leisurely sittings beside the pool; it is most definitely the perfect way to while a way a day, or two.

If you take a mosey through the other reviews on this blog you’ll see that chic lit (contemporary women’s fiction) isn’t my usual first choice of reading matter but I absolutely loved this simple, sweet, heart warming tale.

I remember reading once that you should never ever submit a novel to a publisher that starts with a break up but that clearly didn’t cause any problems for Rachel Lucas and although the book would have worked just as well without it, frankly it added to the whole sweetness of the tale.

Sealed With A Kiss was exactly what I’d hoped it would be, yes it was a little bit corny, a little bit predictable but that’s what made it so sweet and enjoyable! In addition to that it was incredibly easy read with beautiful scene setting and cleverly constructed characters.

As well as being a light, soul soothing read, this book also made me want to visit Scotland again (as well as chuck everything in and go and stay in a deserted cottage on a remote island! Oh, and drink whisky.). The beauty of the landscapes really came to life on the pages and even the cold and the rain sounded romantic.

A big thumbs up from me for Sealed With A Kiss for Rachel Lucas who can be found on twitter @Karamina where she is just as lovely as you would assume from reading this gorgeous book.




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