Fresh Doubt by Eva Hudson

Fresh Doubt3.5 Stars from me

I’ve sought out another debut to read and review: Fresh Doubt is the first  novel in the FBI Agent Ingrid Skyberg series by Eva Hudson.

Overall this book was a really good read although there were a few things that didn’t quite gel throughout but the mix of an FBI agent in the UK added a certain something to the story that set it aside from the usual police crime thrillers.

The storyline itself was good, interesting to follow and with a nice amount of red herrings thrown in along the way to keep you guessing. Also, there were several strands that ran throughout the book alongside the main murder enquiry which made the story more interesting and hopefully set the scene for them to be continued in book 2. I did guess ‘who dunnit’ but then, I’m a smart arse 😉

Main hero of the piece FBI special agent Ingrid Skyberg took a bit too much of a kicking for my own personal taste and I felt it lent her an air of almost terminator style endurance that was just a weeny bit too far out there, for me.

Ignoring that, she was a good strong female lead and I think with a little polishing and settling in, she could be an excellent character to follow and I look forward to reading the next book in the series from Eva Hudson.


Synopsis: A story of lies, secrets and deadly mind games. Brilliant American psychology student Madison Faber is in police custody – a potential murder suspect. Two hours ago she found her roommate lying in a pool of blood.

Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg is assigned to investigate the case on behalf of the US embassy. Tasked with supporting a terrified Madison Faber and uncovering the truth behind her friend’s death, Ingrid quickly discovers a sinister extremist group operating out of Faber’s London college.

Up against the obstructive attitude of the Metropolitan Police and defying the wishes of the embassy, Ingrid must navigate through a minefield of fear and mistrust to discover the killer’s true identity. But in order to ensure justice is served, she is forced to operate so far beyond the law that she may never get back again.


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