The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

Bone Clocks3 Stars from me

Yes, only three stars even though this is a much heralded epic novel, nominated for the Man Booker prize etc etc.

I would have happily given it a 5 star review had it not dragged on and on and on!

A more succinct book would have been truly excellent. The craftsmanship throughout the interwoven stories is quite beautiful; Holly Sykes is someone I feel I know very well and I enjoyed my journey through her life – Hugo’s character was intriguing too although he seemed to be dropped and brushed over after a while.

The first ‘chunk’ of this book is brilliant, absolutely enjoyable and engaging. Then there is a whole dross of chapters that just drag on – as for the ‘big battle’, well I found it dull and really quite irrelevant to the story.

Maybe this genre just isn’t for me, maybe I just didn’t properly ‘get it’, but The Bone Clocks in my view was let down by not having a heavy edit. The fault is certainly not a lack of writing prowess as it parts of the book are wonderful. I truly think a much shorter version would be sensational. Such a shame.


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