Denial by Peter James

Denial4 stars from me

I love reading through these old books by Peter James.

Even with the shocking typos and lack of continuity, (in Denial, the name of DS Glen Branson’s wife gets confused in several places, although we know her name is Ari she is frequently referred to as Grace!) the storylines in most of them are fabulous.

The central characters in the book, Thomas Lamark, Glen Branson and Dr Michael Tennent are all excellent in their differences; although each of them come at life with quite a self centric determination they all use it in a different way.

The Gloria/Cora elements of the story are quite touchingly poignant, the life of a faded star once society has discarded them. Sweet, yet sad.

The Gloria/Thomas relationship – just yuck! I was left wondering if Thomas would have been brilliant without the overbalance of ‘love’ from his mother.

I greatly enjoyed Denial, very much didn’t want it to end.

 Synopsis: Denial is a stunning thriller, a tense and claustrophobic story of what happens when we play with the minds of others.

When Thomas Lamark’s beloved mother takes an overdose rather than face the collapse of her acting career, Thomas decides that someone must be made accountable for what has happened. Something must be wrong with the world.

How could the psychiatrist his mother was seeing have let this happen? Doctor Michael Tennent has a lesson to learn.


For Thomas’ mother was a special person and Thomas loved her so very specially…


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