Final Verdict by Sally Rigby

4 Stars from me

When Lawyers from a local firm are being murdered at a rate of knots, DCI Whitney Walker, Dr George Cavendish (Uni lecturer/forensic psychologist) and the team have a race against time to find the murderer.

The victims all present as having had a heart attack until and Dr Claire Dexter (forensic pathologist) spots an injection site and works out that they’ve been injected with potassium chloride which will induce an excruciatingly painful death culminating in a heart attack.

I particularly enjoy that the focus of the book ‘Cavendish & Walker’ is a strong female lead team – they are determined, feisty, opinionated, intelligent, hard working and they get the job done!

My one criticism is that in the dialogue I personally found some of the exchanges a little stilted and it seemed as though everyone was always snappy and annoyed with everyone else.

There was a nice amount of detail about the main characters personal lives, with all manner of districting ‘issues’ for each of them to face. I like this as it is so reflective of real life when we all bust a gut a work to meet deadlines and achieve results while still having to deal with whatever else crops up in our home lives.

The battles that George and Whitney have with their male superiors made for frustrating reading and I hope they will prevail in future books! Although Final Verdict reads fine as a standalone, it is the 6th in the series and it would make sense to go back and read the previous books.

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Blurb: The judge has spoken……everyone must die.

When a killer starts murdering lawyers in a prestigious law firm, and every lead takes them
to a dead end, Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker finds herself grappling for a

What links these deaths, and why use a lethal injection?

Alongside forensic psychologist, Dr Georgina Cavendish, they close in on the killer, while all the time trying to not let their personal lives get in the way of the investigation.





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